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Welcome to My Home Page. .

This is a "quiet" place for you to have a rest. You may have a look at how fancy and busy
my home may looks from the outside, and then get my meaning of "quiet" -- My home pages are best viewed with Any Browser. They are almost text only, no frame, no java. Although I've setup other sites for my company with both frames and java. I think my home page represent me, my thinking. I really think the content is the most important, not how beautiful it may look.  

My Free Stuffs

I don't want to say too much about myself (who cares?). I'll leave as much space as possible for my contributions. Check 'em out here.

My Two Main Sites

After I setup my site in, I setup another site in Now it becomes my main site, because it carries more information than the geocities one. You can find the runtime environment for my Ace there, which are too big for geocities. Besides, you can find other interesting stuffs like "Tong's Complete Collection of Unix Manpages" there, and you can also find "Best of HelpNet & Seek-n-Find Archive" there. More and more interesting stuff are coming too. Stay tuned. :-)


Who am I

I am the host Sun Tong. You've bump into a technical guy's home page. I am

As a programmer, I really like Borland's products. Brief, Sidekick, TD, TASM, BC31,Dephi ... for sometimes I can't live without them! I really think that Borland always think about our poor programmers when they design their products. But such a good company with so many good products does not hold a large share of market -- THAT'S UNFAIR.
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A DOS guru? Yes! as the guy says in "the mask", "Somebody stops me". I am not saying that I love MS DOS, I just enjoy the freedom it gives me. Have you ever try to turn the default Echo to off when there is no "@echo off" supported in ms-dos2, by debugging and adjusting the COMMAND.COM? Have you ever change the DIR command to list in 2 colons? It's easy! Just a few twists of COMMAND.COM ... And, I've got bunches of tools built for myself to ease my live living in DOS. But DOS is out of the fashion nowadays...

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I wish DOS were like Unix. I wish DOS batch file had the ability like Unix shell language. I wish DOS programs could act as filters like Unix does. I don't like M$ DOS any more after I discovered the wonderful Unix world. And I don't use COMMAND as my primary shell any more after I tried NDOS. Now I'm using 4DOS.

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I don't know Windows as much as I knew DOS. I was driven by M$ to use win31 then upgrade to win311 then upgrade to win95 before I got to know them quite well. Not long ago, I still had to reinstall Win95 now and then (and all my windows utilities. Er, Disgusted). Now, I feel I have more chances to survive in M$ Windows.

I lose my freedom in M$ Window so I lose my play ground. I haven't hack any Windows program up until now. It no  longer seems easy to me. But I can still get what I want. Guess what, I can use most (not all, I stress) of sharewares on and on without being annoyed by their build in restrictions. Don't ask me how I did it. I won't tell anyone. I am just telling everyone that there *are* loopholes and I am enjoying them. If you fully understand computer security, the concept of shareware and know every corner of 4dos (yes, you see, 4dos is so powerful that it can meet whatever unbelievable requirements people want), and can handle them together quite well, you would come to a trick by yourself. Maybe the mechanism is about the same with mine. If you can't, never mind, keep learning, for "Knowledge is power". Sooner or later you would enjoy the fruition of it.

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Never can I say too much about DOOM. Check out my WAD. Remember: You are born to fight and there is no place to hide. Besides, no "big" guns!

I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . I hope you'll stick around long enough to get to know just a little bit more about me and my contributions.


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