My Background

I was born in a beautiful sea side city -- Tianjin, China. Both my parents were professors in the Nankai University.

I am a experienced programmer, with more than 6 years of working experience. In fact, my programming experience dates back to thirteen years ago, when I join the "interested groups for computers" in high school. I was a good student in my school years and during university times. I was almost always among the top 5 in the class. During my work, I've reached a wide range of experience. It varies from low level interrupt handling, device driver writing to high level applications. It varies from DOS, Windows to Unix. It varies from floppy disk adapter designing, EEPROM programming to image software, database and network system. My software experience covers almost all the major computer languages. I was the vice technical directory in our image-technology department in my previous company.

I am a experienced system organizer. My last project in my previous company is a "Patient Case Management System". It requires me to do both high level system analysis and low level coding. It is also a big software system that involved three or four people working closely together.

I am so moved that you're so interested in me and have red so far, that I think I have to give you back something. Here is a tip that you can get a free list91m.

Currently I am doing Windows programming -- Access, VB, VC. I am fond of my last VC project: synchronize two local database system via internet!

Have a look at how ugly I am.

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