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I was born in October, 1967 in Tianjin, China. I have been working for 7 seven years since I graduated from the university. I had always been an excellent student during my study, and I have done well in my work. To prove that I will be highly qualified for whatever challenges me, I think the best way is to prove that I have been always achieving the best.

During my study time, I was almost always among the top 5% during my study, and I almost always worked in the student's association. I enrolled in the famous Nankai University in 1986, which is listed as one of the sixteen key nationwide universities in China. I studied in the Computer and System Science Department, which is definitely the top 5% of all departments in the university. I still stayed among the tops during my university time. And I have won the scholarship and have once been a monitor during that time.

Am I an intelligent student? No, nobody around me says so, on the contrary, they all say I am diligent. Yes, whenever I achieved something a little better than other people did, it was only resulted from my extraordinary hard work. When we were about to graduate, I heard about a comment that I think best described my university life -- A girl classmate said: "I don't know him quiet well, what impresses me most is his hurrying figure, every night, to the study room, carrying his BIG school bag."

After graduation, I went to Tianjin Jinke Electronic Corp. Limited (a Sino-Hongkong joint venture company). This company had a very strong academic atmosphere: he wanted to build everything out of his own hands. For example, instead of buying a well-built disk operation system, he wanted to build it entirely of his own, from the hardware circuit to the software of low level disk interrupt, disk formatting and even the OS. Although maybe it is not a good practice for a commercial company to develop himself, it surely a very good way for a person to develop himself. I had the opportunity to get and carry them out all. By then, I started to enjoy the fruition of my hard study, All above required a broad range of knowledge, yet rather sound on every aspect. The more I achieved, the more I was confident in myself, and the more I was ready for new challenges.

As a result of the above company policy, we have to rely entirely on our own. Once I wrote an analysis program for the assembly work we were doing. It helped us greatly. Later I found a commercial software that did the same work as mine, of course much easier to use. But I was proud that it lacked a fundamental feature that make the assembly language portable: analysis and automatically replace the displacement value to portable "offset clause". Only after two years was the commercial software able to handle it.

When I was porting the MS-DOS to boot entirely from ROM, I knew there was a commercial company who had done exactly what I was doing. This was really a very tough task. I should thank my company of forcing me to face such great difficulties and I am pleased that I survived gracefully. Once, the company discussed the possibility to write C codes instead of assembly language for ROM programming. It is the easiest job if you have the right compiler, but impossible if you don't. After I thought about it over and over for a couple of days, a clever idea hit upon me and I solved it successfully thereafter.

Above are examples that show my products can stand shoulder to shoulder with commercial ones. Besides, I formed the habit of "think while doing" during my student time, so I could almost always find better ways in doing things, no matter in coding methods, debug methods, or in hardware design, or in normal policy and procedures, even in household chores.

Three years after my graduation, I shifted to and founded the Image Technology Department. I was promoted as vice technical director later. I organized a large project on Hospital Case Management System. It is an entire new world that I bumped into, with everything out of my knowledge. I began with user requirements analysis and began to learn "hospital case management". I went to different places and met different people, Everyone seemed to have his own special view and requirements. Fitting pieces and pieces of puzzle together, I put forward the user requirements specification, project prospect and budget, and system concept design. I managed the develop team efficiently during system detail design time. After that, I took part in the campaign of product presentation and acted as a key roll in the user training. This project won the Technical Appraisal and Achievement Appraisal both in Dalian and Tianjin in 1994.

I went to Fourth Shift Asia in Jan, 1996. It is a wholly owned American software company on MRPII business. This is yet another new world to me. The environment and tasks are quite challenging. I quickly adopted myself to the new-and-ever-changing world. Migrating the OS from DOS to Windows, then to Windows for workgroup, then to Win95 & NT, Writing codes in C++, VB and Access, I led a hectic and cheerful life here.

One of my key projects here is the NetLink project -- getting different Fourth Shift database synchronized through Internet. I team worked with other two colleagues, but in charge of the kernel part. This is not a real distributed database system, but it runs well with some clever policy and procedures. What's significant, it lets each database to be publisher and subscriber, whereas Microsoft SQL Server will only allow the database to be either one, but only one. Now I am the technical project manager of "China Companies" project, a www home page project involving Windows NT, Internet Information Server, HTML language, Microsoft SQL server, internet date query implementation... This is yet, oh me goodness, another new world to me. I learned as I worked, and gave the first satisfying result only in three weeks!

I really like the feeling of facing new challenges; I really enjoy the life of opening new worlds, using new tools... There would definitely be new challenges in my future life, but they would never be obstacles to me. I regard them as step stones that make me jump higher and higher...