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My old guests would have noticed a major change in the layout of my webpage. Yes, I build the first structure of my homepage when geocities only support one single directory. Now I have spread them into different directories. Under this "tools" directory, only the collections of tools are list here, under the following different directories. For my soothing music, please check them out here.

Directory listing for my home directory


These directories are under heavy construction, now the interesting things 
available are: 

Tong's Complete Collection of Unix Manpages (Helpfiles). 1758 commands list there, including not-so-unix commands like, a2ps, wget, ImageMagick or xalarm...

Introduction to PCI bus

Directory listing for tools


The tables in the above directories are automatically generated by my Perl script, which is also included here. I'd like to add a little more comments about Perl here. I am new to the Perl world, but I'm really begin to be fond of it now. Nowadays, when writing small tools, I would rather use Perl than C, although I'm also quite fond of C and C++. Interested in Perl and want to know more? You will find everything at

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People asked all kinds of questions to me, like "what is VB5? Do I need "VB5" to run ACE?". They also may many suggestions, like "It seems to be a good idea to have an opportunity to switch off the splash screen about the admirable guy who knows everything.". Well, what're my answers to those questions? See my Voices Page for those Q&As. Besides I also make my public announcements there. Come to my Voices Page, we'll discuss about your concerning, or you can see what others have said, with my replies... Come on in and join us.

Have a question, a comment or a suggestion? You're welcome to voice your opinions openly here, which will then goes to the Voices Page. I'll notice your question and answer it soon. Just recently, I always have problem sending out emails through Geocities POP server. So I'd rather you speak out here than send me an email. Besides, if you put your questions a/o suggestions in the registration email, and do not received an answer within a week, most likely the answer has been put here in the Voices Page.

After I put up this page, I looked for famous download sites where we can tell freeware apart from others. There are too many sites where the first time we realize we have to pay is after we've already downloaded the software, or even after installation. I am sad to say that ZDNet is one of those which fail to clearly label shareware. I am also astonished that famous search engines (including Yahoo & Excite) failed to give me satisfactory suggestions. For example, the following two site, although they alleged "freeware" in their names or descriptions, both mixed freeware in with shareware. That's not the fault of search engines. It's only because the sites are cheating.

    The Free Software Store's Archives

    FilePile (Over 1,000,000 free software, game, and image files.)

So, are there any sites that review/include only freeware? Yes, there are, as follows, finally, for you to start with.

NONAGS' own site description: Here we try to sift through all this, we do the work of selecting what really works, what's really free, what really is worth your time and effort. So we have put together a large collection of 32-bit Windows software that has no disabled features, nags, time limits, or any other tricks.
As its name states. And, a serious collection.
The CFS description of their site: "This site was born from frustration - frustration that many of the so-called 'free software' sites were not offering freeware but shareware, time-limited, or demo software which will cost you money to use or are not fully functionable. Only the download was 'free'. Even when genuine free software was offered (usually mixed with shareware), many times there was no indication of its quality, download size, or even which of the listed programs were shareware and which were freeware. This site is designed to cater to those requirements - good quality, genuinely free software which has been checked and rated - programs I use and ones which you will want to use too. While descriptions are brief, there is usually much more information on the program's homepage (where the hyperlink will usually take you)."
Cool Freeware
A bunch of really cool freeware, with detailed reviews. Highly recommended.
This was once a very valuable resource, but now it is turning into a commercial site.
Frazer's Freeware Finds
Really cool! And not only for freeware finds!!!
Freeware resources
LOTS of pointers! But somewhat dated.
Welcome to
Free byte
LOTS of good utilities by Henk Hagedoorn.


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On this page, you will find all my contributions that I am giving out for free. Most of them are mine -- I build them myself. If you page up now, you will discover another wonderland!

Enjoy it!

Finally, my gentle request. English is not my native language. If you find something sounds odd here or in my documents, please leave me a note. It is eagerly welcome, even more welcome than bug reports. :-)

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