*nix Notes Collection

"Knowledge is power"


- Where are the Windows?
- They are on the walls.
In the world that Gods want to profit from the Windows,
  you will bump into walls wherever you go.
Welcome to the real world, in which functionality can cooperate
  arbitrarily, and information flow throw them without barriers.
However, newcomers to this world might feel lost
  without Windows to look at and go through,
Knowledge is the only thing you need, and the power
  to navigate in this kingdom of freedom.


Table of Contents

Hardware/Disk Related
*nix General
*nix Communication Management
*nix X-Windows Related
Linux Distros
Linux Live-CDs
*nix System Management
(Programming) Language Related
(Programming) Language/Wiki Specific
Version Control

Hardware/Disk Related


Linux Disk Mangement and Tools


Booting and Boot Loaders


Making Boot Disks


Pen Drives under Linux

*nix General


*nix in General


Shell Programming Advanced Practices -
Knowledge Beyond 'Unix Power Tools'


*nix Archive And Backup


Command-line Text Processing Tools


File Formats Converting Tools

*nix Communication Management


System Connectivity Tools


Ssh and Rsh


FTP Server and Client


Using Sendmail


Dns -
Domain name service

*nix X-Windows Related


*nix X-Windows System and Tools


*nix X-Windows Font System and Tools


*nix X-Windows Internationalization


*nix GUI Based File Managers

Linux Distros


Practical Debian Fully Covered


RedHat -
Once-Linux-Leader Distro Customization

Linux Live-CDs


Various Debian (Live) CD Systems


Grml -
Debian based Live-CD for sysadmins/geeks


Dsl -
Damn Small Linux, Debian based small-footprint Live-CD


Slax -
Slackware based Live-CD, the true Live-CD pioneer with unparalleled leading technology and vision



Linux Multimedia in General


Dvd/Vcd related tools


Dvd Specific


CD Specific



ImageMagick -
command line image manipulation tools


Gimp -
image manipulation program that beats Photoshop



Linux Audio

*nix System Management


Device Management


System Time And Scheduling Related Maintenance


*nix Printing


System Level Maintenance


System Chroot And Debootstrap


VMWare Virtualization Under Linux


Linux Virtualization In General

(Programming) Language Related


Java Based RAD Tools


Symfony -
Php based RAD framework/platform


Other Php Based RAD Frameworks


XML Manipulating with Perl


All You Need to Know about Latex


AsciiDoc Markup Syntax


AsciiDoc Usage


Gtkdialog Examples


Gnu Make

(Programming) Language/Wiki Specific


Wiki Markup Language in General


Doku -
near-plain-text Wiki


WikiMedia -
heavy-weight-champion Wiki

Version Control


Rcs -
personal version-control system


Cvs -
concurrent version-control system


Subversion -
contemporary mainstream version-control system



Barcode Printing


Computer Ergonomic

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