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Debian native BibTeX tools 

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bibview - X11 Bibliography database tool
gbib - user-friendly editor and browser for BibTeX databases


search-ccsb - BibTeX search tool
search-citeseer - BibTeX search tool
bibindex - Fast lookup in BibTeX bibliography data bases
bibtool - tool for BibTeX database manipulation


bibclean - pretty-printer for BibTeX databases
bibtex2html - filters BibTeX files and translates them to HTML

pybliographer, tool for manipulating bibliographic databases 

It currently supports BibTeX, Medline, Ovid and Refer files. It is useful for viewing, editing and searching, but also to convert bibliographic databases into HTML pages for example.

Yelp (part of GNOME) is required to view the Pybliographic manual from within the GUI.

Home Page:

bibview, X11 Bibliography database tool 

bibview is a tool to let you set up and maintain BibTeX bibliography databases. LaTeX can then use these automatically in citations and bibliographies in your documents.

From its README:

It [bibview] supports the user in making new entries, searching for entries and moving entries from one BiB to another. It is possible to work with more than one BiB simultaneously. bibview is implemented with Xt and Athena Widgets.

There are several types of windows in bibview:

The main window contains menus for customizing bibview and for working with BiBs on the file level.

The bibliography window (one for every open BiB) contains commands for manipulating the BiB.

The list window (at most one for every open BiB) shows a list of entries. It displays the fields author, title, type and year. The card window (at most one for every entry) helps editing an entry. It contains boxes for each field of the entry (according to the type). The fields can be edited by putting the mouse cursor into the field. Macros in fields and the symbol for concatenation ('#') are marked with a preceding '@'.

gbib, user-friendly editor and browser for BibTeX databases 

You can use it also to insert citations inside a LyX document. gBib is able to import and export BiBTeX databases.




tkbibtex is a portable editor and browser for BibTeX format file. It is written in Tcl/Tk and runs under Unix or Windows based wish interpreters.


The following are features I think are particularly cute.


bibtex bibliography management tools? 

> _lot_ of bibliography to manage.  So I'm looking for tools to manage
> my .bib files.


bibtex bibliography management tools? 

tkbibtex ctan entry The version it holds and the url it contains is old.


a Perl script, with a Gtk GUI, that helps with bibliography maintenance. It can append, delete, check for duplicate keys, search, including regexp search, split files, and output selected records as LaTeX bibitems




Barracuda is a BibTeX database manager. It is used to edit BibTeX database files. It is mostly self explanatory and easy



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Latex BibTeX Mode for Emacs 

Using BibTeX 

Using BibTeX

BibTeX documentation 

BibTeX documentation

BibTeX & Perl 

BibTeX & Perl




BibteXML is bibliography DTD for XML that expresses the content model of BibTeX — the bibliographic system for use with LaTeX. Stylesheets and conversion tools are provided.