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CD Shell 2.1.5 released March 1, 2005


Cd Shell 2.1.5 Released

After a long wait, a much needed maintenance release of CD Shell is coming out today. It fixes numerous bugs in the Diskemu module, and lots of other random bugs. You will also find the following new and/or improved features: an updated isolinux module (version 3.07), a new command (return here), the ability to boot Acronis ISO images using Diskemu, support for ISO level 4 (9660:1999) file systems, and finally a cool new script called the Chooser.

The chooser script is a sort of selection list menu, that allows you to scroll through up to 100 selections, complete with keyboard/mouse support, and a scroll bar. It's in the /boot/scripts/chooser directory. The example script is called runme.cds, and is full of helpful information.

To play around with the Acronis ISO booting support, just take your bootable Acronis CD, rip it to an ISO using WinISO or some such program, and then burn it onto a CD Shell disc. Then issue the command "diskemu acronis.iso", replacing acronis.iso with the name of your ISO. This is a new, experimental feature, so you might want to be careful using this on a production machine. I have done some testing, and it was working fine for me, though.


documented on: Mar 1 2005


diskemu <filename> [noboot] [segment]

The diskemu command is used to emulate floppy disk images using diskemu. The default operation is to emulate the floppy disk and boot from it.

If the noboot keyword is used, the emulated disk will not be booted. After issuing such a command, diskemu can be invoked a second time to allow emulation of two different floppy disks at once. Diskemu will always use the last disk image it was given as floppy disk A.

The optional segment parameter specifies the install segment of the diskemu emulator program.

Diskemu is an alternative to memdisk. The main differences are as follows:

  • memdisk caches the entire disk image in memory, and thus responds faster to disk I/O operations. Diskemu reads the disk image from the CD/DVD as the contents are requested, which requires more time.
  • memdisk also allows writing to the disk image exactly as if it was a real floppy disk (although the whatever is written will be lost when the machine is rebooted). Diskemu emulated floppies are read-only.
  • memdisk has the capability of booting hard disk images, while diskemu is limited to floppy disk images.
  • Diskemu does not require the emulated floppy disk to be booted.
  • Diskemu is able to emulate two floppy disks at once.

Although memdisk has clear advantages, there are some situations where it may not cooperate with certain programs. If you're having trouble getting your disk image to work with memdisk, try using diskemu and see if that helps.

Diskemu - CD-Rom Disk Emulator

Diskem1x.bin - CD-Rom multiboot loader and disk emulator
Eltorito.sys - Hardware independent Dos CD-Rom driver...

Current version: Diskem1x.bin v1.1 BETA (11/07/01) * / Eltorito.sys v1.x

Last updated on Jul 10, 2002


  • Development on diskem1x.bin has stopped!