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Gnome startup? 
Gnome startup? 
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Gnome startup? 

Newsgroups:  gmane.linux.debian.user
Date:        Fri, 28 Jul 2006 02:38:48 +0400
> I was a little shy about asking before, because I felt I hadn't done
> enough digging on my own, but this info is incredibly hard to find.
> How do I set up what programs start at startup?  I'm using Gnome...

Pure gnome way:

run gnome-session-properties

The other way:

cd ~/.config/autostart/

and create there file with extension `desktop` i.e. `gaim.desktop` than open this file in text editor and write:

Example 1. The gaim.desktop listing

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Some name which you like

and, finally `chmod u+x gaim.desktop`

second method will work with some other DE

Vitaliy Ischenko

Gnome startup? 

gnome-session-properties says 'authentication rejected' etc.

I did this other method, using "Exec=sudo firestarter." Now when I start up, firestarter is open, but somehow the Gnome splash screen stays on until I click it. I don't know if it is the .desktop file that is opening firestarter, or Gnome's attempt to preserve the previous session. Now, the firestarter icon doesn't come up on the splash screen; I'm guessing because it's actually executing sudo and not firestarter? Interesting.

Chuckk Hubbard