Various *niX Tools

MkBoot - generic boot loader installer
generic boot loader installer that is versatile enough to satisfy your various needs (shell script)
IsoL2Grub - translate from isolinux.cfg to grub/menu.lst
help easy the transition from booting with isolinux/syslinux to grub/grub4dos by automatic configure file translation. (shell/Perl script)
Persistent Storage - an alternative method to save changes for Slax
It allows you to install Slax, selectively save changes and optionally use swap space to boost performance, all without altering your partition table. (shell script)
Meta Build - meta module building script
download and build customized lzm modules automatically from simple meta module definition file. (shell script)
Slax Mini - a core Slax/Linux-Live foundation that all distros can based upon
make building a Slax/Linux-Live based Live-CD easier for everyone (shell script)
Wiki Import - mediawiki auto import script
import a whole folder of files into mediawiki, with the folder directory tree mapped as wiki category hierarchy. (shell script)
Latex Make - for Latex compiling
build LaTeX files until all references (including BibTeX) are resolved, and all indexes are built. Can generate .dvi .ps .pdf .html .txt or .rtf files. (makefile)
Emacs AsciiDoc Mode
Emacs mode for AsciiDoc fontlocking (elisp)
Emacs Brief Mode
fully functional Brief simulation for Emacs (elisp)
DFW - Disk Free-space Watcher
actively monitors your disk occupied level (Tk)
fileSimilars - Similar files locator
pick similar-sized and similar-named files as suspicious duplicated files (Perl)
jot - print sequential or random data
prints out increasing, decreasing, or random data (C)
CalciteCrystal - fluxbox theme that looks like calcite crystal growing in the dark
dark-background and mild-contract theme that is good for you when you need to look at it day and night (fluxbox theme)

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