1. DFW

1.0.1. Usage

dfw &

1.0.2. Info

DFW — Disk Free-space Watcher

1.0.3. Source

1.0.4. Files

Release Notes.

Source Code.

1.0.5. Description

Helps you actively monitor your disk occupied level.

Here is why I think it is necessary.

1.0.6. Screen Shots

Here are the screen shots for the main DFW window, and the reminder window.

1.0.7. Features

1.0.8. Details

If the threshold is over the high level, you will be noticed at every checking time if it grows even more bigger than the previous figure. Adjust the check interval accordingly for the checking and reminding.

1.0.9. Installation & Configuration

type 'make' to prepare for installation and get instruction on how to install and run the dfw program.

1.0.10. Support

Please visit the xpt tools support page.